Q: How long have you worked alongside Kei-Ai Los Angeles Healthcare Center?

A: My first introduction to Kei-Ai LA was around March 21, 2020. The facility asked me to critique their infection control procedures and ensure they were being as proactive and safe as possible.

Q: Please describe your initial experience at Kei-Ai LA.

A: When I entered the building, I was extremely impressed. The building smelled great, there was an uplifting atmosphere, and the staff was welcoming and friendly.

During my tour, the employees continually helped their patients. They were encouraging, patient, and kind, from feeding a resident to showing another resident effective hand-washing procedures. No one yelled. No one screamed for help. There was a calm and comfortable feeling throughout the building.

At the end of my tour, the staff shared pages that outlined their infection control protocols for me to review. I was so impressed at how detail-oriented each procedure was. Additionally, the staff was extremely open to receiving my feedback and wanted to learn more about how they could improve their procedures.

Q: Please describe your experience with Tanner and the employees.

A: Tanner is wonderful. He does not view Kei-Ai Los Angeles Healthcare Center as a money-making business. He cares about his patients and believes he has a responsibility to serve the elderly community. 

The employees are just as amazing as Tanner. I regularly visit the facility to check on my patients, and everyone seems happy. During the early chaotic months of COVID, the employees smiled amidst the pandemic. They did all they could to protect their residents and keep them comfortable. Since my first interaction with the Kei-Ai LA, I refer my patients to Kei-Ai because I know they will be happy, safe, and treated with dignity and respect.

Q: Please expound on some of Kei-Ai’s infection protocols.

A: Kei-Ai strictly followed all CDC and public health protocols. The hospitals were bombarded with COVID patients, and Kei-Ai set aside an entire floor to house COVID patients to help offload the hospitals. They implemented weekly testing, something that not even all the hospitals were doing, and provided all the necessary PPE. One employee even volunteered to make over 400 bright-colored gowns for each patient encounter.

Q: What about Kei-Ai LA are you most proud of today? 

A: Kei-Ai truly saved us as a city. They run the extra mile, they stay up late to refine their protocols, and they are dedicated to helping every resident and staff member feel safe and comfortable. 

Q: Are there any remaining thoughts you would like to share?

A: I’d like to note that I am not financially tied to Kei-Ai Los Angeles Healthcare Center. While I have a contract, I have not sent a bill to them. I know that if I did, Kei-Ai would not hesitate to pay me. It is not a time for money; it is a time for safety. I am most concerned that my patients are safe and comfortable, and I know that Kei-Ai can provide those things.