To celebrate Easter this year, Kei-Ai LA decided to host their their own Easter egg hunt! The team cut out figurines in the shape of eggs, ribbons, and bunnies and hid them around the facility for staff to find. For each figurine, an employee won a cash prize. For egg figurines, they won $2; for ribbons, they won $10; and for bunny figurines, they won $150! In all, management hid a total of 100 ribbons, 20 eggs, and 10 bunnies for their team to find over the holiday weekend. They had a great time hiding the figurines, knowing that they were rewarding their team for their hard work!

Not only did the staff enjoy hiding and looking for their prizes, but patients and their families were also thrilled to watch them search. They loved watching the people who help them every day be appreciated for their hard work. Patients celebrated nurses for finding figurines, families offered to help their favorite staff members, and the entire team couldn’t have been happier to see the amazing healthcare workers enjoying themselves. Kei-Ai looks forward to hosting more events like these to celebrate their amazing staff and residents.